Brits go all-out for All-Inclusives

MORE than three million people opted for all-inclusive holidays in the Tenerife & Canary Islands last year.

But the 3,212,050 figure – 28.8% of the overall total – supplied by the Canary Islands Statistics Institute (Istac), was 51,419 fewer than in 2012.

Despite the drop, it was still the most popular option for visitors, ahead of flight and accommodation (2,804,407) and half-board (2,121,183).

The all-inclusives again attracted more British holiday-makers than any other nation, 1,064,362, and they were also No.1 in the loyalty chart. Of the 3,957,776 who came to the Canaries last year, 1,501,908 had been at least three times previously.

But the Germans stayed the longest on average, each chalking up 10.78 days on the Islands, followed by the British (9.71) and and the Spanish (8.04).

As for those holiday-makers opting for apartments, their stay averaged just over 1½ days longer than those who stayed in hotels (10.36 days against 8.74 days).

In a survey of the 8,838,397 tourists here last year, most voted their stay “very good” or “good”, with just 58,407 offering a negative view.

The British were the most generous with their reviews (2,707,065) and the Spanish most critical.

And in a scale of one to 10, the Islands’ best assets (rated 8 or above) were the climate, hospitality, scenery and tranquillity.

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