British TV disappears for many viewers as satellite range decreases to focus on UK

British satellite dish viewers here, throughout Spain, and indeed through Europe, are finding that they’ve lost BBC and ITV channels this morning after Sky and Freesat transmissions were moved overnight to a new satellite with a smaller transmission range. This “footprint”  is the result of the new Astra 2E satellite, which replaces the Astra 1N, and which has a tighter beam on the UK. Viewers in some places outside the UK will actually get a better signal under the new satellite, but the majority of satellite users will no longer be able to pick up their UK television.

The BBC said that since its services were for licence payers only, the corporation was neither responsible for, nor interested in, supplying television beyond the UK. ITV and Channel 4 still have to switch to the new satellite but are expected to do so soon. There are many suppliers here of “systems” to provide British TV, and it is, of course, widely available through the internet. Offers to provide a service to replace the missing satellite signal are not likely to be in short supply.