Adeje Easter Passion Play, Good Friday, 3 April 2015










I’ve posted in previous years (see HERE) about Adeje’s Easter passion play, and its drama and emotion. It will be no different in 2015, of course, and if anyone would like to be more than a spectator, but would actually like to take part in the enactment itself, you can sign up to do so now in the Cultural Centre in Adeje between 8am and 10pm, or by phone to 922 756 246. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

This year’s preparations are now underway, and each year some 300 “actors” take part in the passion play, the vast majority of them residents in the municipality. The event is famed worldwide, and tens of thousands attend, a great number of them tourists in the area. It is televised live internationally, too. Adeje Ayuntamiento’s culture department says that such coverage allows those who cannot attend in person to watch, but that the best way to experience the passion of the Pasión is as an actor involved in the production itself.