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Adeje Easter Passion Play, Good Friday, 3 April 2015










I’ve posted in previous years (see HERE) about Adeje’s Easter passion play, and its drama and emotion. It will be no different in 2015, of course, and if anyone would like to be more than a spectator, but would actually like to take part in the enactment itself, you can sign up to do so now in the Cultural Centre in Adeje between 8am and 10pm, or by phone to 922 756 246. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

This year’s preparations are now underway, and each year some 300 “actors” take part in the passion play, the vast majority of them residents in the municipality. The event is famed worldwide, and tens of thousands attend, a great number of them tourists in the area. It is televised live internationally, too. Adeje Ayuntamiento’s culture department says that such coverage allows those who cannot attend in person to watch, but that the best way to experience the passion of the Pasión is as an actor involved in the production itself.

Puerto de la Cruz – New San Telmo Promenade Finished and Open

Photo tweeted by Tenerife president Carlos Alonso

Photo tweeted by Tenerife president Carlos Alonso

Update 11 March 2015:  The protesters lost, and the wall went. And now, the new San Telmo promenade is finished and open. And looking good, as the above photos show.

Copyright: Alberto Salazar Carballo

Update 9 June 2014: Despite protests and petitions, the wall has started to come down. The above photo shows the bulldozers in place and part of the wall already in rubble. The plan for its replacement is not clear, but is likely to be the glass and steel model discussed last year.

San Telmo sea wall in Puerto de la Cruz:  photo from the Facebook protest page

Original post 18 October 2013: An almighty row is brewing in Puerto de la Cruz. There was already some bad feeling arising from the Ayuntamiento’s upmarket push (link), with new bylaws to outlaw plastic terrace furniture in restaurants, hotels and bars, and to enforce colour branding in the town. Further irritation was caused by the council’s attempt to enforce street cleanliness (link), with fines up to €3,000 for anythig from spitting to shaking carpets: there were even restrictions on watering plants on the outside of buildings.

Now, however, the council itself is being accused of vandalism, and of forcing through change for the sake of change. The San Telmo sea wall is quite a feature of the town’s frontage, but the municipal planners want to alter the feel of the promenade and replace the wall with a glass and steel barrier. The plans have given rise to protest marches and leaflet drops, and there is even a Facebook page (link) dedicated to protesting against plans that are seen as mindless destruction of an historic part of the town’s infrastructure.

The council, for its own part, denies that the wall has any heritage value, and says that the new barrier is needed to protect the town from the sea. Some might wonder if the wall hadn’t done that quite effectively throughout its existence …

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Tráfico seatbelt and Childseat Campaign Tenerife

Photo: Dir. Gen. Tráfico

The Dir. Gral. Tráfico ‏has announced a seatbelt and childseat campaign for this week. Checkpoint controls will be set throughout the country from today until 15 March. They’ll be checking documents of people who are stopped as well as that their seatbelts work and are being worn, and that any children are correctly seated in child or booster seats. Tenerife

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Extra hand-luggage checks from 1st March

From tomorrow, 1 March, travellers to and from all Spanish airports including those in the Canaries will have to expect further inspections of hand luggage to comply with Spain’s adoption of EU directive 2015/187. This requires Aena to impose controls for trace explosives throughout its network, and any electrical items, including irons, hair dryers, cameras and any battery-operated objects including toys will be subject to specific inspection. Aena network director Fernando Echegaray said that the new regulations will “improve defences against the threat of improvised devices hidden in hand luggage, and are the result of recent data concerning new ways that explosives can be hidden in hand luggage. The new measures have no impact on rules about carrying liquids over 100ml in hand luggage in EU airports, which remain in place.

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