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Yellow Alert – High Winds and Wild Seas Tuesday & Wednesday










Update 17 February: Aemet has increased the level of its alert for winds in south Tenerife to orange. Gusts of up to 90 km/h are now expected today and tonight.









Original post 16 February: The met office ‎AEMET‬ has issued a yellow alert for strong winds throughout Tenerife tomorrow and Wednesday. In Tenerife, gusts to 70 km/h are expected, especially in the north west and south east. Wild seas are also forecast with a force 7 swell, so the public has been asked to take great care near the coast.


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TF1 extension saga – continued

TF1 extension saga – continued

Update 17 February 2015: Guía de Isora ayuntamiento says that the two 180m arches for the bridge over the barranco de Erques which forms part of the TF1 extension are now in Tenerife, and construction on the last remaining piece of the Adeje-Santiago del Teide stretch will begin next month. The bridge will be a 160m suspension design because the barranco de Erques is a protected area, and the size of the span meant that the infrastructure had to be made in stages in Italy and Cádiz. Each arch has been brought here in three sections, so six in total, and these will be transported to the barranco and assembled in situ. It is estimated that the process will take three or four months, becoming operational by the end of June, when the stretch is planned to be opened, as announced last November.

Update 25 November 2014: I imagine that most people’s response will be “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but an agreement has been signed today by the Canarian Government’s consejero de Obras Públicas, Transportes y Política Territorial, Domingo Berriel, and Tenerife President Carlos Alonso to finish the Adeje-Santiago del Teide stretch of the ring road motorway extension. The agreement will see €10m put into the works, €4m from the Cabildo and €6m from the the Canarian government. The stretch is expected to be functioning (maybe not fully finished but open to traffic) by the middle of 2015 in two parts – Vera de Erques to Santiago del Teide by end March, and Armeñime to Vera de Erques by end June.

Update 6 October 2014: The Canarian government says that its roadworks priority for 2015 is the completion of the southern section of the TF1, and that it has already set aside €6m from the public works budget for the El Bicho tunnel and the Adeje-Santiago del Teide stretch of the motorway. The government says that its commitment is based on the importance of the entire ringroad project, and will be fulfilled despite cuts at national level from €220m to €54m. The southern extension is currently the only works project that has a financial commitment for next year, and if works continue now as planned, will open in March 2015, and the sticking point of the barranco de Erques should see the first pair of arches for the viaduct in place by the end of next month.

Update 2 December 2013: Despite the timescales as posted immediately below, which saw the Icod-El Tanque extension completed next year and the Adeje-Santiago extention waiting until 2015, the Cabildo has now announced that the schedule and funding will be rearranged so that the south extension works will be brought forward, and the Adeje-Santiago stretch completed, in the main, in 2014. The Cabildo is now putting the change of schedule to the Canarian Government for final approval.

Unfortunately for those who live in the Tijoco-Tejina-Vera de Erques areas, it is their part – the ongoing seemingly insuperable problem with bridging the barranco de Erques – that will have to wait until 2015. The “main part” of the extension to be completed next year is the túnel del Bicho and the Vicácaro bridge. This means that the TF1, as far as traffic is concerned, will still end at Adeje, and resume at Tejina to continue on to Santiago del Teide (the so-called “chicken run” stretch), where it will find another gap awaiting completion through El Tanque.

I suppose we should really be pleased that some works are going ahead, but at some point they really are going to have to come to terms with bridging that Erques barranco … otherwise the whole extension will have been something of a joke.

Update 7 November 2013:  The Tenerife Cabildo and the Canarian Government have jointly announced funding for next year that guarantees the completion of the TF1 extension by 2015. Cabildo president Carlos Alonso said that the island would receive €146.7m from the regional government for road development, a sum which would permit prioritised works to continue despite “brutal” cuts in funding from Madrid. The road funding in Tenerife will be directed to completing the northern Icod-El Tanque portion of the ring road with funding of €131m; this should be open to traffic during the course of next year. The southern Santiago del Teide-Adeje stage, with total funding of €10m between 2014 and 2015, should be open in 2015.

Because this saga has been ongoing so long, I’ve split previous posts to make it less unwieldy on the front page. All previous posts are HERE.

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Two forest fires within 24 hours in Arico hills

Once might be accident. Twice, in the same place, within 24 hours? A fire has broken out in the hills of Arico where one was extinguished only yesterday morning by emergency services. It was being dealt with, indeed, when I was in the 112-Canarias hub myself, and emergency services are again fighting a blaze with land and air teams in a low pine forest area, the Cabildo says. At least it’s not high summer when such a fire can take hold in minutes and cause widespread damage, but it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that an arsonist is wreaking havoc for the emergency services right now.

Horizontal Division… Rights and Duties

Local 14

By Mariano E. Zunino Siri

WHEN you buy an apartment or unit which is part of a complex, you are also buying a quota or percentage of the whole site.

You are buying a property that belongs to a Horizontal Division, and every owner has the right to use the common areas, and is obligated to contribute to the maintenance of these areas, according to his percentage.

This is regulated by the Horizontal Division Law (or Horizontal Division Act). The Law says:

“An assessment quota shall be allocated to every unit in relation to the value of the building and expressed as a percentage of said value. 

“Said quota shall serve as a coefficient to determine individual unit shares in the expenses and benefits of the community…”

And also: “Individual unit owners can freely dispose of their estate, provided constituent elements are not separated and transferred enjoyment does not affect the obligations arising out of this ownership system.”

When the developer builds a complex, he normally grants a Deed of New Work, stating that on the plot there will be a development (once the municipal licence or building licence is granted).

If the development is divided into different units, then the Deed may also include a Horizontal Division.

The developer later sells units to different buyers, which means that instead of one owner, there will be many of them composing the community of owners (comunidad de propietarios).

According to the Law: “The declaration of ownership of individual units in a multiple-unit building (“Deed of Horizontal Division” or “Título Constitutivo”) will describe each unit, in addition to the building as a whole, and each unit shall be correlatively numbered including its size, boundaries, floor where it is located and such appurtenances as garage space, attic or basement. The same document will establish the assessment quota corresponding to each unit as stated, either by the sole owner of the building at the time sale of units was initiated or by agreement of all existing unit owners…”

There would be two types of rights of the owners: full ownership on the unit bought (apartment) and participation within the common areas (stairs, lifts, alleys, gardens) and the contribution to their maintenance (obligation). The full ownership right has limits, as the Law says:

“Owners of individual units may modify the architect elements, installations or services of their unit, notifying the community representative provided such work does not alter the safety of the building, its overall structure, its external appearance or condition, or prejudice the rights of another unit owner.”

Summarising: owners of an apartment have the right to use their property freely, vote in the Annual General Meeting of the community of owners and use the common areas.

But, at the same time, they have duties. Among them is the contribution to the maintenance of the common areas (periodical payment fee to the community of owners) and the respect of such common areas.

The rules of the community of owners are regulated by its Statutes and the Law, which includes not only the rights and obligations of the owners but also the way to govern the community: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Administrator.

But this exceeds the contents of this article. In future columns, I will return to this matter.


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Carnival Princess crowned, and so is the Senior Queen

Carnival 2SANTA Cruz Carnival is in full flow, and this week saw the start of the beauty pageants, with young Idaira Afonso beating off stiff competition to be crowned  Carnival Princess.

Fifteen girls made the final, and the auditorium was packed to the rafters. The standard was high, with all the girls showing an amazing amount of confidence as they dazzled on stage.

The contestants started the gala in traditional dress and sang along to traditional songs, before dressing in their own outfits for the main body of the contest.

These outfits were full of colour and originality, and it was easy to see how much hard work these girls and their designers had put in.

A variety of local dance troops and musical acts kept the crowd entertained while the judges had the thankless task of marking the contestants.

They took longer than originally planned, such was the standard of the final. Eventually they elected six bridesmaids. The entire runner-up and first lady was Eileen Martin, with Irune Rodríguez the second lady-in-waiting.

The third bridesmaid was Yunaisi Fuentes who came ahead of Alexia Hernandez, Carmina Perez (whose Wizard of Oz outfit drew the biggest applause) and Anabel Gutiérrez.

The event was such a success that there are already plans to expand it next year. But there was one fly in the ointment. Several parents or the participants had to purchase tickets for the competition, even though they were told they didn’t have to.

In tough economic times, it does seem that something like that should be reviewed.

A couple of days later, Rosenda Campos was crowned Senior Carnival Queen and she celebrated like she had won Miss World! She received her sceptre and crown in a fine outfit designed by Samuel Curbelo.

María Gutiérrez was voted her First Lady of Honour and María Elvira Fernandez her Second Lady. This event was little more light-hearted than the other pageants, but the ladies and the crowd certainly enjoyed themselves!

It’s the Blue Riband event on Wednesday as the Carnival Queen competition sees the good and the great out in force.

The contest has been sold out for months, but you can watch the Gala unfold on TV Canarias.

Canarian Weekly

Tenerife Walking Festival in 2015

Senderos de Anaga. Photo: Cabildo

Update 5 February 2015: Whilst posting about the Las Galletas marathon registration period, it occurs to me to remind walkers that the window to register online for the Walking Festival ends on Monday next, 9 February. Just click HERE to register – I’ve set the page to English.

Update 3 October 2014: The Tenerife Cabildo has now released the multilingual website for the festival, which is HERE, and registration is now open for those who would like to take part.

Original post 27 February: Tenerife will be the European walking capital between 10 and 15 March next year when some 700 hikers arrive for the Tenerife Walking Festival. The festival is being organized by the Cabildo through Turismo de Tenerife,  and the walkers will be based in Puerto de la Cruz where they will enjoy some  of the most beautiful hiking routes Tenerife can offer. The senderos will be divided into three categories: volcanic, coastal and Jurassic … forested areas of barely imaginable antiquity like Anaga and Teno. Naturally, walkers will also be able to experience other aspects of those areas, like bodegas, agricultural fincas, museums, sky watching, and so on, the whole event dovetailing with the niche-market trend for tourism generally in the Canaries

Tenerife president Carlos Alonso explained that “the festival is an excellent opportunity to show off the qualities of our island as a walking destination that offers so much more than just sun and sand.” Sr Alonso noted that one of the major benefits for Tenerife is that those attending will belong to clubs and federations throughout Europe, and on their return home will enthuse about their vivid experiences, becoming ambassadors for Tenerife to this far wider audience.

Under the new brand Tenerife No Limits, the first preparatory meeting for the walking festival took place this week. Besides the Cabildo’s own technicians, the meeting was attended by the president of the European Walking Association, Lis Nielsen; the coordinator of senderos from the Spanish Walking Federation, Antonio Turmo; and the president of the Federación Canaria de Montañismo, Concepción Frauendorff. These organizations are collaborating in the organization of the festival together with the Ayuntamiento de Puerto de la Cruz, whose tourism councillor, Carmen Padilla, also attended the meeting.

Tenerife has a walking route network of some 100 senderos, reaching in total around 1,500 km, and walking is one of the biggest niche markets among the island’s holidaymakers – some 14% of our tourists come here specifically for this purpose. After next year’s festival, no doubt it will be more!